Food & Drink

Our Hero in game-play will have an energy bar, ranging from 0 to 100. When encountering monsters, energy will be reduced. Some designs of the map will require the hero to face the monsters and energy to be lessened, as there will be no power-up available to kill the monster.

With this placement of food and drink will have tactical positions so our hero can progress thruout the maze. For this the maze designer has food and drink buttons and associated breeds and procedures to support them. As no graphics for food or drink existed, these were created in the designer.

Because more than one food or drink is required, these are not created on ‘setup’ when the level is created, instead when the tool is selected and the mouse clicked, the patch is queried and when black, i.e. empty, a food or drink item is sprouted, i.e.

to place-food
  ask patch (round mouse-xcor) (round mouse-ycor)
    ifelse pcolor != black
    [ user-message "You cannot place food on top of other objects." ]
      if not any? turtles-here
        sprout-foods 1
          set color brown
          set shape "food"
        set treasures-grid? true
        set pcolor black

I can now create food and drink for our hero to battle our monsters and dragon !

tasty chicken wings and beer for our heroes health

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