Import to Game; Setup SR/DR

The first task on the game was to import the custom graphics for the dragon, food and keys.

Import graphics from level editor model
dragon, food and keys now present in game

When setting up the game for the first time, there were numerous errors, to be expected as game doesnt know ‘breeds’ for our ‘heros’ and ‘dragons’.

definitions in level-designer, need to be created in the game

And the new values I want to present in the GUI require code to complete them.

new reporters and chart require code to complete

At this point as I had completed a susbstanital amount of code locally, I commited all the code to version control software (VCS) – namely a local copy of Gitlab. This is setup to backup to my local Network Attached Storage, which in turn is also backed up to Amazon Web Services (AWS) S3 for both Sustained Resiliency (SR) and Disaster Recovery (DR). Not is only good practice to make regular commits to a VCS to track changes, it removes the failure of a single component (i.e. developer HDD) as potential source of project disruption.

VCS in action
VCS With most recent commits, server scripts ensure local and remote backups

Whilst there is no Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery Pipeline, this would be something I will explore later, at least methods for code validate so pushes to ‘master’ will always contain working code.

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